Summer Academy Enrollment is Going Strong!

Gabrielino High School registration is now CLOSED.
We are no longer accepting registrations. If you have questions about your registered classes or schedule, please contact Francyn Duenas at summeracademy, or call (626) 451-5444.

Kindergarten – 8th Grade registration will close THIS FRIDAY, JUNE 15.

We have CLOSED the following classes due to enrollment limits:

Elementary School: 
Creative Writing
It’s Math-o-logical
Bridge to First Grade
Reading Comprehension
Reading Club: Literature at the Movies
Science Through Exploration
Making Cents of Math

Middle School: 
Intro to Speech & Debate and Mock Trial
JMS Method of Writing
Algegra Prep (7th grade)

High School:
Beginning Speech (Session 1)

Following are a list of classes that are NEARLY CLOSED due to enrollment limits
(sign up soon to ensure your spot in the class):

Middle School 6-8:
Algebra Review (8th Grade)
Reading Comp and Fundamentals

High School 9-12:  World History & U.S. History

Class confirmations have been sent out.  If you have any questions about your registration, schedule or tuition payment, please contact Francyn Duenas at
or call (626) 451-5444.

Reminder: If you are using our tuition payment installment program,
your second/final payment is due now. Thank you!

The following classes have been cancelled:
Elementary School: Children’s Theatre Workshop, Theatre Games/Storytelling, Summer Sounds of Music,
Science through Exploration (session 1 only) and Music, Music Everywhere
Middle School: Co-ed Volleyball, Welcome to JMS (session 2 only), Advanced and Intermediate Orchestra
High School: Freshman Band and Orchestra, Advanced Band and Orchestra, Intro to Art and College Essay Writing