Looking for SGUSD Alumni!

The Foundation would like to stay connected to our SGUSD Alumni by inviting alumni to join us in our goal of providing valuable support to our district. As a result of SEF’s fundraising efforts this past year, the Foundation is providing program support to the SGUSD for the 2014/2015 academic year in the amount of $150,000. These valuable resources are being used in classrooms throughout the district benefiting all 5341 students at all 8 schools.

Please help us reach out to our neighbors and friends and invite our SGUSD alumni to support us in our efforts. We would like to find a representative for EACH of the graduating classes in the past 20 years!

There are many fabulous benefits in volunteering with the Foundation. We offer the opportunity for career development, networking, social events, mentoring, community involvement and, of course, philanthropy. Below please find a few of these benefits that will hopefully help you in your efforts to identify individuals who are interested in volunteering with SEF.

Fun – attendance at our events as volunteers

Resume – a great addition to credentials by getting involved with SEF program planning and fundraising

Professional Development – Alumni programs help individuals stay on top of their field and become knowledgeable about others

Family and Friends – Teachers and fellow students were like family. Alumni participation brings together past and present generations of SGUSD students

Personal Growth – There are a wealth of opportunities to enhance leadership, organizational, communication and interpersonal skills

Networking – More jobs and business opportunities are obtained through personal contact than through any other means. What better career contacts are available than right here in our community

Help future alumni – An SGUSD education helped make it possible for our alumni to do what they are doing today. It feels good to give something back by helping current and future students achieve success!