How to choose a book for your kindergartner, first or second grader

SEF believes the more books children read, the better readers they become. Additionally, children who read often are shown to have higher vocabularies, expanded word knowledge, and score better on standardized tests. For these reasons, and many more, SEF supports recreational reading at home.
Here are some helpful tips on how to choose a book for your kindergarten, first or second grader:
  • Look at the cover (does it look interesting to your child?) 
  • Read the title and author (does your child like other books by this author?)
  • Read the summary on the back (are they still interested in the book?)
  • Read the first page – use the 5 finger rule, while reading, by counting the number of words your child does not know:
    • 0-1 = too easy
    • 2-3 = just right
    • 4-5 = too hard 

Happy reading from SEF!!