SEF Provides $1,000 in Grant Awards in Support of Literacy

SEF’s Fall Reading Challenge Continues to Make a Positive Impact!

Recently SEF provided 2,087 students on all 5 elementary sites 3 books, a school pride & spirit reading reminder wristband and a student-designed bookmark. We’re excited to continue the momentum!!

We are proud to announce the following classroom and school site winners of SEF’s Fall Reading Challenge. It’s also our honor to provide each of the recipients with grant awards to purchase books for their classrooms and school site library respectively.

McKinley Elementary School Site Library – $500.00
Ms. Julia Constable’s First Grade (Coolidge) – $100.00
Ms. Paula Reid’s Kindergarten (McKinley) – $100.00
Ms. Christina Esparza’s Third Grade (Roosevelt) – $100.00
Ms. Tammy Shimazu’s First Grade (Washington) – $100.00
Ms. Ingid Lin’s Kindergarten (Wilson) –  $100.00

SEF Supporting Literacy and Children’s Positive Academic Outcomes? We say YES!!