SEFs Parent Engagement Webinar Series Continues!

SEFs Parent Engagement Webinar Series Continues! SEF partners with the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health and the San Gabriel Police Department Community Engagement Team in support of a Safe & Healthy Community Together!

Striving to increase awareness surrounding mental health and its potential incidence and impact for students and families SEF proudly partnered with presenters Dr’s Maria Martinez and Nicolas Beliz, from the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, to deliver a mental health workshop, in both English and Spanish. The workshop was designed to provide participants with information, insights and ideas intended to support mental health for students and within families. Participants learned how to recognize indicators of possible mental health issues and were provided with a list of resources and strategies to promote mental health. 

Additionally, we partnered with San Gabriel Police Officer’s Dane Woolwine, Stacy Gutierrez and Cecily Ramirez, from the San Gabriel Police Department Community Engagement Team, to share helpful information surrounding internet safety with our families during our Cyber Safety webinar. Recognizing students today are living largely within a digital community, participants learned how important it is to talk with them about online risks, how to avoid them and how to reach them to reach out to a parent or other adult when something goes wrong.

Knowing what your children do online is vital to protecting them from digital threats. There are things you can do to help keep them safe. Monitor your child’s online activity & know their passwords

  • Activate privacy features through the browser or your internet service provider.
  • Set clearly defined rules surrounding online activity. Explaining the reason for each rule and the hazard it protects against can help your child understand potential risks. Rules should protect your child’s privacy, safety and personal information. 
  • Initiate communication with your child. An open conversation can help them feel comfortable talking with you even about uncomfortable things they may encounter online. 

Mental Health and Well-Being Resources