Congrats to all who participated in SEF’s Watershed Explorers!

Program developed thanks to generous grant funding provided by the Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District.

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The SEF Watershed Explorer Program has been designed as an after school educational enrichment opportunity for students in San Gabriel public schools. 

Throughout the 2 day course, students will learn about their place in our environment, how it is affected by their decisions and actions, and will be inspired to conserve and celebrate the San Gabriel Valley Watershed. Using their newly taught mapping skills, students will explore the geology, topography and climate of the local region.

As students become familiar with the physical boundaries and conditions of the watershed to which they belong, they will analyze and assess current conditions and problems in the Los Angeles River. Additionally, working in small groups they will develop solutions to issues pertaining specifically to water usage and conservation and develop a public service announcement aimed to raise awareness surrounding watershed conservation.

Prior to completing the course students will learn how to harvest rainwater at home and pledge to become water conservationists all from the comfort of their own home via the Zoom platform.

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