SEF Board Member Highlight: Kacie Bauzon


Kacie Bauzon, Communications Extraordinaire for the San Gabriel Educational Foundation

Join us as we honor our very own community champions…our SEF Board Members!

The SEF Board of Trustees is a dedicated group of individuals who strive to motivate and inspire stakeholder commitment. They focus on the significant work that must be done to ensure the mission of the foundation contributes positively to the lives of students in San Gabriel public schools.

Today we are highlighting SEF Board Member and Assistant Marketing & Communications Chair, Kacie Bauzon. Kacie is guided with purpose and defined outcomes visible through her efforts in the development of the monthly SEF eNewsletter designed to highlight the mission, fundraising goals, partners, engagement opportunities and accomplishments of our organization.

We are especially grateful for her efforts to build the SEF brand and awareness of the foundation and have been told that the newsletter provides rich and engaging content that helps the community feel connected to our schools and our students and could not be more proud. Additionally, Kacie enthusiastically serves as the liaison to the incredibly talented graphic design team at The CRP Group whose investment in the foundation single handedly is increasing visibility, effectiveness and efficiency for us.

With a clear purpose and a positive approach Kacie is creating (and part of) a very special winning team! Thank you Kacie for your efforts in generating consistent and compelling communication that is delivered to a community wide audience. Together we can all stand proudly in support of the work that we do and the difference that we make!

Are you interested in learning more about your local community education foundation and those who govern it? We invite you to visit the SEF Board Page to learn more about each of our dedicated board members and to contact us if you would like to join this group of dynamic individuals.