Business Alliance

Strong Schools = Prosperous Communities

Repeated budget reductions continue to impact our schools with reduced or eliminated programs, putting California school funding at 49th in national per-pupil spending*. Because it is so populous, California educates 1 in 8 children in the U.S. If these children are learning well or not, that will affect all of us. In most communities, foundations have been created to shore up some of the losses in school funding. Locally, the San Gabriel Educational Foundation (SEF) is the primary fundraising entity supporting all 8 schools in the San Gabriel Unified School District. Our fundraising directly results in restored courses and programs supporting students from Kindergarten through 12th grade throughout the SGUSD.The success of SEF depends on the strength of its partnerships with our schools, our community and our business leaders.

The SEF Business Alliance Program is a dynamic group of local companies and professionals who, through financial support, partner with SEF and share in our success in supporting great local schools.Partnering with SEF is a great way to not only support our schools but to promote your business. Outstanding schools attract new families and help strengthen the entire community, including the business community. For more information on Business Alliance Partnership opportunities, please contact Adela Angiuli, our Executive Director.