Celebrating the arts at the District Arts Festival

On Sunday, May 22, the San Gabriel Unified School District celebrated the Visual and Performing Arts during their 2022 Arts Fest and what a wonderful celebration it was! As part of the day’s event, attendees enjoyed amazingly talented student performances, were invited to participate in many workshops and craft making activities, tour an amazing high school art gallery display and so much more!

SEF was incredibly honored to be part of the festivities hosting a creative origami making crafts booth. We are especially grateful to Executive Board Member Robert Bringas Jr. for developing and organizing such a fun activity where treasured volunteers enjoyed helping visitors create their own origami masterpiece in honor of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Everything came together beautifully and we had so much fun!

Up next? SEF is inviting ALL K-12 SGUSD students to participate in our district wide literacy event. This year our theme is “Read. Imagine. Design.” ~ The Story of a Book Cover Reimagined by YOU! We are proud to facilitate our annual event designed to engage our community and enrich the lives of students. We were told last year’s event was transformative and impactful in ways we could only imagine and could not be more pleased.

Interested in supporting us? We invite YOU to help SEF ensure another successful event. Your donation of time or resources is invaluable to us. For more information on sponsorship opportunities and registration details contact SEF directly @ (626) 451-5465 to volunteer your time. You are wanted and you are welcomed!

Thanks to the San Marino Rotary Readers Program & the Kids Need to Read Foundation our book deliveries continue

We are excited to reminisce about our recent book delivery to Wilson Elementary School where 68 Kinder-2nd grade Mandarin Dual Language Immersion students received a special gift. All in all there were 136 individual resources including a book or learning resource and a Highlights magazine for each student.

We are thankful to our supporters from the San Marino Rotary Readers Program and the Kids Need to Read Foundation for their investment in our organization which allows us to continue our book giveaways in San Gabriel public schools!!

Books enrich students’ lives in many ways including building vocabulary, improving memory, sharpening their intellect and relieving stress. Please visit our website at SEFfor8schools.org if you would like to make a tax-deductible donation in support of our efforts. We thank you!

Thank YOU for joining us at Tia Gladys!

When: Thursday, February 10th ~ 4-7pm
Where: Tia Gladys Restaurant – 921 S. Gladys Avenue (next to Mission Car Wash)

Thank you to everyone who came out to support SEF during this yummy fundraising event! And much appreciation goes out to Tia Gladys for hosting a wonderful night of food, fun and family.

Thank you for your support of the San Gabriel Educational Foundation and the students in our schools!!

Thank YOU for attending SEFs Partnership Planning Meeting!

Your dedication and efforts individually, and for many of you as a team, continues to inspire the San Gabriel Educational Foundation. As you know, we are all fortunate to be part of a dynamic district that is rich in cultural diversity and is recognized as a leader in many outstanding programs. Together, in partnership, I am confident we can have a significant impact on the success of SEF and the financial support we provide the district.

As we plan for the future, we look forward to forging strong partnerships with each and every one of you. We will continue our commitment to excellence and strive to align SEF funded programs to the broader mission, vision and philosophy of the district. We will continue to focus on students and student achievement and strive to be flexible, adaptable and responsive to the community’s changing needs. We will move forward together as the strong community that we are.

Moving forward, we will be scheduling our next meeting and hope that when joining us you will bring along friends and colleagues (lots of them) and that we will learn and grow together to become a powerful force for all things wonderful in our community!!

In the meantime, we are hosting a SEF Board Recruitment event on Wednesday, 10/27. If you or someone you know would like to learn more about our organization or has interest in possibly joining the Board please rsvp to let me know you will be joining us.

Thank you for all that you do!

Teacher appreciation, thanks to SEF’s community partners

Thanks to generous funding provided by Schools First Credit Union, and of course the abundant support we receive from our partners at Johnny Was and Green Street Restaurant, SEF has been hopping all over town distributing teacher gift bags to all of the SGUSD credentialed teachers, the school site Principals and their incredible Office Managers. This go around, we are also thrilled to share there has even been a few gift bags accounted for and distributed at the district office accordingly!!

You know that feeling when you do something you hope brings joy and happiness to others? Well we could not be more grateful to our funding partners, donors and supporters for giving us the opportunity to understand that special feeling today and every day!!

SEF Board Member Highlight: Kacie Bauzon


Kacie Bauzon, Communications Extraordinaire for the San Gabriel Educational Foundation

Join us as we honor our very own community champions…our SEF Board Members!

The SEF Board of Trustees is a dedicated group of individuals who strive to motivate and inspire stakeholder commitment. They focus on the significant work that must be done to ensure the mission of the foundation contributes positively to the lives of students in San Gabriel public schools.

Today we are highlighting SEF Board Member and Assistant Marketing & Communications Chair, Kacie Bauzon. Kacie is guided with purpose and defined outcomes visible through her efforts in the development of the monthly SEF eNewsletter designed to highlight the mission, fundraising goals, partners, engagement opportunities and accomplishments of our organization.

We are especially grateful for her efforts to build the SEF brand and awareness of the foundation and have been told that the newsletter provides rich and engaging content that helps the community feel connected to our schools and our students and could not be more proud. Additionally, Kacie enthusiastically serves as the liaison to the incredibly talented graphic design team at The CRP Group whose investment in the foundation single handedly is increasing visibility, effectiveness and efficiency for us.

With a clear purpose and a positive approach Kacie is creating (and part of) a very special winning team! Thank you Kacie for your efforts in generating consistent and compelling communication that is delivered to a community wide audience. Together we can all stand proudly in support of the work that we do and the difference that we make!

Are you interested in learning more about your local community education foundation and those who govern it? We invite you to visit the SEF Board Page to learn more about each of our dedicated board members and to contact us if you would like to join this group of dynamic individuals.

Double your donation with an employer matching gift

See if your employer matches charitable gifts to the San Gabriel Educational Foundation

Increase the capacity of your generosity with an employer matching gift! Matching gifts essentially double your donation. See if your employer will match your donation.

You can generally do this by filling out and submitting a paper match form provided by your employer or through an electronic submission process. This is done after you have made your donation to SEF…it’s that simple!

Thank YOU and many thanks to your employer for their commitment to supporting you and your charitable causes!

Please use this information when preparing your matching gift request for your employer:

Organization: San Gabriel Educational Foundation
Tax ID/EIN: 95-4023144
Contact Name: Adela Angiuli
Contact Email: adela.angiuli@sef4schools.org
Contact Phone: (626) 451-5465

Volunteer Opportunities


The Foundation offers everyone the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children ~ while investing in our community’s future. There are many ways you can become involved in our efforts to support and strengthen San Gabriel public schools.

Annual Fund Campaign
Each year, SEF needs volunteers to help communicate the need for personal investment in the Foundation and how that investment has the power to create opportunities for our youth through program support.

Serve on the SEF Board
The SEF Board of Trustees is a dynamic group of individuals who are dedicated to the SEF mission. The diverse group of leaders serve as the Foundation’s primary spokespersons within the community and are responsible for leading the foundation with passion and integrity all while remaining mission driven and self directed.

Program and Event Planning
It takes many hands and many volunteer hours to plan for a variety of programs and events, all of which require many types of skill sets. All volunteer help is valued and appreciated!

Community Partner Program
Through the remarkable support of our local businesses and community we are able to sustain and grow our impact. SEF’s Community Partner Program provides a means for businesses to contribute to our community and San Gabriel public schools in a meaningful and lasting way through unique recognition opportunities that reach the community of San Gabriel with over 18,000 households and businesses.

Are you ready to dedicate your time to benefit every student at every grade level in San Gabriel public schools? If you are ready to get involved please contact the President at sefboardpresident@gmail.com ~ we are excitedly waiting to hear from you!

SGUSD Employee Giving

We invite all SGUSD employees to give to the FoundationWe invite all SGUSD employees to contribute to the Foundation! 
Tax deductible contributions provide much needed support to the Foundation and our ongoing efforts to sustain and grow enrichment programming for all students in San Gabriel public schools. However large or small, the participation of San Gabriel District employees counts!
Employees can sign up for monthly payroll deductions or make a one-time annual gift. To set up monthly payroll deductions, complete this form and email it to Joanne Alston at alston_j@sgusd.k12.ca.us
We thank you for your support!

The San Gabriel Community Needs YOUR Support

We all know that supporting local businesses during this time means they will still be there when the lock-down is over and that makes the San Gabriel community a better place.

Below are a few ways you can support the SG Community today:

1) Shop local. Strengthen our community from within; make your daily, weekly or monthly purchases from a local SG business.

2) Purchase gift cards. Establishments like bars and restaurants who were forced to close will be suffering right now, with no patrons filling the barstools or booths. Consider buying gift cards for the businesses you visit most often to use later when they are officially up and running again.

3) Order takeout. Can’t wait until you can eat your favorite meals from your favorite local restaurants? Many are keeping things going by offering meals to go, and some are even providing free delivery. This is a great way to keep money going into the local community, and as a bonus, you still get to enjoy all your favorite dishes.

4) Increase the tip amount. Don’t forget, servers and delivery people will also be feeling the decrease in business, and many of them survive on the tips they’re now missing. If you’re ordering takeout or delivery, consider giving a little more than usual when tipping. The tip may not go right back to the restaurant, but it goes to the workers who can put it towards the essentials they may need during this slower time.

5) Have discretionary dollars to spare? Make a tax deductible online donation to SEF today… help us continue to support the over 5,000 students we serve https://seffor8schools.org/donations/

It is our honor to highlight a true business leader in the community, the San Gabriel Hilton Hotel! Through thoughtful management and creative thinking, the hotel remains open, with limited staff, and continue to serve the community through their To Go Menu and Essentials Menu options. Take a look at their menu below!