Dream. Imagine. Create. ~ Art in a Time of Quarantine!

Sponsor Opportunities for SEF's Dream. Imagine. Create. Community Art Exhibition
Calling ALL Kindergarten through Grade 12 Students! ~ You’re invited to participate in a district wide art installation!

The San Gabriel Educational Foundation is supporting a strong and creative community by celebrating the creativity and resilience in all of us. Our virtual youth arts exhibit is a student showcase developed to provide each student the opportunity to share their work of art with the community and reflect on the connection between their artwork and personal story of their very own quarantine experience. We are filled with much enthusiasm as we share the following details surrounding the installation:

Call for Artists

Art in a Time of Quarantine is an online art exhibition depicting works of art created in a time of quarantine by our community youth. The gallery will be on virtual display through various social media channels. Additionally, through collaboration 20 pieces of art will be transformed into street pole banners and hung within the City of San Gabriel Mission District for public viewing.

We invite all K-12 SGUSD students to create and submit digital images of artwork in whatever art medium you choose (crayons, paint, color pencils, pastels, water color, chalk, etc.).

Once you have finished your expressive piece, we ask that a parent/guardian take a picture to upload to the SEF website at the time of registration for display in our virtual showcase being held in May 2021.

Registration and artwork submissions are being accepted through April 9, 2021. No late registrations or artwork submissions will be accepted!

Award Selection Rules

Twenty pieces of art will be selected from all entries for public display on pole banners within the City of San Gabriel Mission District. Submissions are subject to evaluation based on creativity, medium used, originality and quality of work. We believe each piece of art has a value. We will rely on our reviewers’ expertise to better judge the quality of submitted works.

Awards of Excellence

  • Twenty winning artists will receive a digital certificate, be featured in our website and other social media channels for better visibility of their accomplishment and have their artwork developed into a pole street banner to be hung within the City of San Gabriel Mission District.
  • Artwork that best captures the theme will be chosen based on the following selection criteria, one winner from each category will receive a $50 gift card:
    • Grades K-2
    • Grades 3-5
    • Grades 6-8
    • Grades 9-12
  • All accepted works of art will be featured on the SEF website, shared through social media and displayed within the virtual exhibit.


Please read carefully the guidelines before registering to participate and submitting your original artwork.

  1. Artwork submission must be original and created by the student highlighting the theme “Dream. Imagine. Create.” to be included in this virtual exhibition or to qualify for award selections. No Copyrighted material will be accepted.
  2. Artwork containing any inappropriate material, including but not limited to violence or gore will not be accepted.
  3. Number of entries per person: Each aspiring grades K-12 artist may submit one (1) work of art.
  4. All entries must be submitted by a parent/guardian over the age of 18.
  5. Eligible Media: All work must be original and may include: drawing, painting, crayons, color pencils, oil/chalk, pastels, water color or ink print.
  6. Submissions must be submitted as .jpeg files via our online registration form. You must include the child’s first name, age, school, size of the picture, title of the picture and what was used to create it in the filename of the image you upload. e.g. Sophia, age 11, Inspirational Butterfly, paint on A3 paper.jpg. No images of a student with the work will be accepted. When sending in your work we must have a good quality high resolution .jpeg image of your artwork; high definition, sharp, well-lit, straight and with your picture filling the frame. Please crop the image so the only thing we can see is your piece of art – no people, carpets or backgrounds please. Smartphones are a great way to photograph work as they generally have good cameras and offer basic image editing tools to crop your feet out and to improve color.
  7. By uploading artwork, your email and children’s names you agree that SEF and our working partners can reproduce it on the web, send it to the media, broadcast it and to possibly print the art.
  8. We intend to publish all of the entries that meet our terms and conditions online, but if for any reason this is not possible a selection will be chosen for display.
  9. Please make sure the aspect ratio of artwork is portrait (vertical). Only portrait ratio artwork will be accepted. Thank you!

Usage Rights (Terms and Conditions)

This Agreement defines terms and conditions between the artist (parent permission required) and the San Gabriel Educational Foundation, it’s affiliates and the City of San Gabriel. For all artists who want to participate in our art exhibition, before registering to participate and submitting your artwork you must agree to the following: The Foundation will adhere to all of the policies and procedures as outlined in the guidelines, award selection rules, award of excellence, content of marketing collateral and may change without notice.

The art installation is open to all SGUSD students.