SEF Board of Trustees 2022-23

Proudly serving the students and families of the San Gabriel Unified School District, the SEF Board of Directors has proven to be effective towards increasing the Foundation’s impact in the community. Working together, the diverse group of leaders offers the Foundation a broad range of thought and perspective representative of the beneficiaries they serve. Each of the board members maintain a functional and geographic expertise which adds to the value of the Foundation in the community.

Board members sign on for a two-year commitment, attend monthly meetings and plan and execute all events. Our board members and executive director, in partnerships with the SGUSD administrators, faculty, and staff, accomplish program development and support. Membership on the board provides an opportunity to be an active participant in the education of all of the students in our district in a fulfilling and emotionally rewarding way.

For more information about joining our board or other volunteer opportunities with SEF, please contact Adela Angiuli or Paul Kwo.

SEF Board of Trustees 2022/2023

Executive Board
President: Paul Kwo
Vice-President, Annual Fund: Open
Vice President, Events: Rosiris Paniagua
Secretary: Robert Bringas, Jr.
Treasurer: Hugo Correa
Board of Trustees
Asst Community Liaison: Kimberly Hua Member-at-Large: Andy Jeong
Asst Marketing & Communications: Kacie Bauzon Member-at-Large: Robert Powers
Member-at-Large/Webmaster: Justine Morales