SEF Supplements Academic Curriculum at all 8 SGUSD Schools

The San Gabriel Educational Foundation organizes and offers a variety of programs that foster and celebrate educational excellence. To enhance the classroom and school-wide learning experience, the Foundation provides much-needed funding support for these programs. A primary goal of SEF is to ensure sustainability of programs that are at risk of  elimination due to continued budget cuts. The Foundation aims to touch the lives of every student in the SGUSD and to help those students achieve all of their educational goals.

Food For Thought

made possible through a generous grant from the San Gabriel Valley Medical Center Foundation Fund. The grant helped to establish a teaching kitchen at Jefferson Middle School. Food For Thought is a program that supports nutrition education and cooking training for students. The program also offers fun gourmet cooking classes and other events to parents and the greater community.

   Music Immersion Extension

SEF is partnering with the SGUSD to provide elementary students from kindergarten through third grade additional music instruction. A SEF grant will be used to fund a part-time instructor to be a resident artist in the program.

After School Hip-Hop at Jefferson Middle School

Boys and girls will have a great time learning hip-hop dance moves with Kelly Sweeney. Kelly has performed on NBC’s World of Dance and enjoys teaching dance. No dance experience is needed.

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 Author Series Presentation

Local and national award winning authors are invited to our schools to talk about their books and to speak to students about writing, literature and their careers. These interactions encourage a joy for reading and an understanding of writing and the creative process.

Field trips at Del Mar High School


SEF is thrilled to provide funding to send our students at Del Mar High School on educational field trips. Students are able to experience world class arts program, museums and learn about future career opportunities.

Speech and Debate

Grants from SEF cover league competition entry costs for the award-winning Gabrielino Screamin’ Eagles team.



 GHS College Counseling Program

SEF fully funds the Naviance counseling program for all high school students. Naviance is a college and career readiness platform that helps connect academic achievement to post secondary goals. This program empowers students and their families to connect learning and post-graduation goals and provides schools and districts with the  information they need to help students prepare. Naviance also allows students to create a plan for their future based on their individual strengths and learning styles.


After School Library Hours at High Schools

To ensure all SGUSD students have improved access to technology and the availability of computers and the internet, SEF fully funds the after school library hours. This allows for access to the computer labs and media center outside of the regular school day.


Teacher Grants

This year SEF funded teacher grants are supporting the Award-winning Speech & Debate curriculum at Gabrielino HS, purchasing new chairs for the GHS choir program, a new bass for the orchestra at JMS, and reading and math materials for the 3rd grade at Coolidge Elementary.