Alison DeVriendt

SEF Board President

SEF President 2018-19,
Alison Devriendt

My name is Alison DeVriendt and I’m honored to serve our community as President of the San Gabriel Educational Foundation. I believe our city, San Gabriel, is a special place to live. I also believe that excellent public education is crucial to our community. SEF’s partnerships with our school administrators, teachers, our PTA’s and of course the students creates a powerful momentum to provide our students the tools for a successful future; their success is the world’s success. As a parent with two children attending San Gabriel Public Schools, I understand the value of these partnerships.

I have assembled a dedicated Board of Trustees who are working tirelessly to fulfill the Foundation’s mission to enhance, enrich, and extend the academic initiatives of our schools. Our primary mission is simple: provide financial support to the San Gabriel Unified School District. Our continued success depends entirely upon the partnerships of volunteers and donors who generously give their time and money to support our mission.

We have an exceptional year ahead of us filled with opportunities and endless possibilities. The SEF Board will work passionately to raise funds and build awareness with such events as the: Fall Fund Drive, SEF’s Community Builder, SEFapalooza and of course the SEF Summer Academy. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and check our website for forthcoming announcements about these events and others held throughout the year.

The San Gabriel Educational Foundation is here to support the schools as they continue to strive forward and make a difference in each student’s life. Thank you very much for allowing me the chance to be your President, and for trusting me to be your ally in fostering SEF’s mission. If you’d like to connect, I am only an email away. Please feel free to write me anytime at

I look forward to the journey ahead as well as meeting you at the amazing events planned for this year. In the meantime, I am sending best wishes to all of the wonderful students in our schools for a very happy and successful year. I am looking forward to what we will accomplish together!

Alison DeVriendt
SEF Board President 2018-2019

Coolidge parent, Client Support/Project Manager, Brewer Direct, Inc.