Join us as we welcome Hugo Correa to the SEF Board of Directors

Hugo Correa


What is your occupation currently or previously: 
I am a CPA and currently a Senior Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer at Cathay Bank.
Your current role at SEF: 
Why are you involved with SEF:
         I got involved with SEF because I believe that the organization makes a difference to the kids in the community and school district and there is strong leadership that is vested in improving the educational programs. My family has always been a supporter of the SEF organization and I hope to continue to carry on the great work that others and the current administration is doing.
Hobbies and Associations: 
           I like running and enjoy the occasional 5k race although the pandemic has put a hold on that. I also am a big sports fan and love to watch all sports but my favorite is any soccer game that my kids are involved with or any professional soccer game. I am also a big Dodgers fan and love to spend time at a game at Dodger stadium.