Justine Morales

Marketing Chair

I’m a Digital Media specialist at Brewer Direct, a marketing agency that specializes in Rescue Missions and Non-Profits. Joining the SEF board as the Parent Association Liaison Chair has proven to be one of the most satisfying ways I can give back to the community. My fellow board members never cease to amaze me with their work ethic and sincere passion for what we are all doing. Every time we fund a teacher’s grant for school supplies or give out free books to excited kids I’m reminded why we put in the hours and financial support behind the scenes. I’m surrounded by people who just want to help and that inspires me to be my best out in the community.

I also volunteer monthly at the Union Station Homeless Services Adult Center. On Sunday nights, if I’m not at home picking on my overweight cat, Daisy, I’m out on the field playing intramural softball with my family.