Kacie Bauzon

Assistant Marketing & Communications

What is your occupation currently or previously: 
My background is in business and marketing at a Fortune 500 Company. I currently run a consulting company that focuses on business intelligence and helping clients drive growth and maximize profits.
Your current role at SEF:
As the Assistant Marketing/Communications Chair, my role is focused on strategic and tactical implementation of marketing materials. I lead the MARCOMM efforts surrounding email marketing, digital and print communications.
Why are you involved with SEF: 
Being a part of the SEF board fulfills my mind, body and spirit. I enjoy being able to combine my professional expertise with my passion for supporting education. I also have three children that attend SGUSD schools.
Hobbies and Associations:
I value activities that stretch my mind and my body. I enjoy reading, being active outdoors, all family activities and eating delicious foods. Currently, I am involved with the Wilson Elementary School PTA, local AYSO regions, SG Elite Volleyball Club and Mission Valley Free Methodist Church.
The meal you would bring with you to Mars:
Appetizer: Sashimi and sushi, cup of hot and sour soup
Main course: Dry ramen noodles with char siu pork, a medium rare filet, iceberg wedge salad with blue cheese dressing, fried zucchini sticks with ranch
Dessert: Cheese plate, creme brulee, anything chocolate