Nancy Listiawan


Nancy has served on the SEF Board since last August of 2018 and is the Treasurer for the 2018-2019 Board of Trustees. Her background is in investment management and she currently handles all financial and accounting affairs for the foundation. Additionally, she is co-chairing the annual gala this year and she is thrilled to be able to work with such a committed and talented group of people.

Why Do You Support SEF?

Born and raised in San Gabriel, it was a natural decision for me to want to get involved with the community. Now that I have young kids, I am especially motivated to help strengthen the schools within our city. I really do believe that a strong community correlates with excellent educational standards. In order to make San Gabriel an outstanding place to live and work our schools need to thrive. I’m here to encourage parents, residents, businesses to get involved and support SEF’s efforts, which is to bridge the education gap and fund exciting new programs.

What is Your Favorite Memory from School?

My favorite memory from school was in 6th grade. We had to create an invention and I teamed up with my classmate to design glasses with wipers so that when your glasses were dirty, you can pull these strings from the side of your glasses and the wipers would clean it like the way your wipers work on your cars!

What do You Do in Your Free Time?

We are Disney fanatics. Any chance we get, you can find us at Mickey’s pad.