Robert Bringas Jr.


What is your occupation currently or previously: 
I am serving as the Assistant Head of School for Advancement at Holy Family High School in Glendale, CA. I am also one of the Directors and Coaches for the Starlings San Gabriel Volleyball Club
Your current role at SEF: 
I am serving as the Board Secretary.
Why are you involved with SEF:
I am very supportive of the work that SEF does for the students of SGUSD. Most of the student-athletes who participate in the Starlings San Gabriel program are beneficiaries of the great work in supporting student education,  reading initiatives, and the arts. I am very proud to be a Board Member and supporter of SEF.
Hobbies and Associations: 
Coaching, playing various sports, traveling, and pursuing my Doctorate at USC…Fight On! Member of Glendale Kiwanis, various Educational Associations, and different ministries at Holy Family Catholic Church, Glendale, CA.
The meal you would bring with you to Mars:
Most Filipino dishes… but Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles for sure!