• What is your occupation currently or previously:
    Finance Mortgage
    Your current role at SEF:
    Vice-President of Events
    Why are you involved with SEF:
    I believe in what SEF does for the community and the students. Working towards giving every student an opportunity to thrive. It is so important to give kids a memorable experience in school. Education is a key foundation to shaping who kids become as adult.  SEF not only believes in supporting the academics but also enhances the academics  with other programs like  the Arts, music, literature, mental health  and  fun activities that are not provided in the schools like cooking classes and growing a garden.  SEF works closely with the schools so that we can be good partners and make the students our key focus .
    Hobbies and Associations:
    Traveling (great way to learn) Reading, working out, hiking. Spending time with my nieces and nephews and fur babies.  Board Chair to STARS Foundation. Director to Kids Reading to Succeed.
    The meal you would take with you to Mars:
    I really enjoy eating and love all types of food, but my all time favorite meal has to be breakfast. I can eat it at any time of the day.  Belgium waffle, eggs, bacon….Yummm!