Stella Lam

Community Liaison

What is your occupation currently or previously:
I currently work at the LAC + USC Medical Center in the Anatomical Pathology department for over two years now. Previously, I’ve spent over a decade in cancer research. I enjoyed it tremendously and do miss the research field from time to time. One might say I’ve “retired” from that field to spend more time with my children now that my commute has been cut down to ten minutes.
Your current role at SEF:
I joined SEF back in June 2019. As the Community Liaison, I help update all the schools in the San Gabriel Unified School District with SEF’s various events and signature programs. In turn I help share or promote various schools’ news with the San Gabriel community.
Why are you involved with SEF:
I’m excited to work with my fellow board members who share the same goal which is to provide students with various programs, grants and opportunities. I strongly believe parents need to be present in their children’s lives. It benefits the kids’ developments and promotes their happiness. My involvement with SEF simply enhances this belief.
Hobbies and Associations:
Currently, my life pretty much revolves around my family. If I’m not keeping up with my three teenagers (two in Gabrielino and one in Jefferson) you’ll find me buried in my Kindle or a nice hardcover book. As a nature lover, hiking is another favorite pastime of mine. Occasionally, I’ll hit the road and clock in a few miles every week. I’ve been running since 2012 and am contemplating when to retire my running shoes. All these activities are rewarding in different ways especially when I refuel with some wholesome food.
The meal you would bring with you to Mars:
I have a pretty diverse palate. As long as there’s meat on the plate I’m pretty content.