The San Gabriel Community Needs YOUR Support

We all know that supporting local businesses during this time means they will still be there when the lock-down is over and that makes the San Gabriel community a better place.

Below are a few ways you can support the SG Community today:

1) Shop local. Strengthen our community from within; make your daily, weekly or monthly purchases from a local SG business.

2) Purchase gift cards. Establishments like bars and restaurants who were forced to close will be suffering right now, with no patrons filling the barstools or booths. Consider buying gift cards for the businesses you visit most often to use later when they are officially up and running again.

3) Order takeout. Can’t wait until you can eat your favorite meals from your favorite local restaurants? Many are keeping things going by offering meals to go, and some are even providing free delivery. This is a great way to keep money going into the local community, and as a bonus, you still get to enjoy all your favorite dishes.

4) Increase the tip amount. Don’t forget, servers and delivery people will also be feeling the decrease in business, and many of them survive on the tips they’re now missing. If you’re ordering takeout or delivery, consider giving a little more than usual when tipping. The tip may not go right back to the restaurant, but it goes to the workers who can put it towards the essentials they may need during this slower time.

5) Have discretionary dollars to spare? Make a tax deductible online donation to SEF today… help us continue to support the over 5,000 students we serve

It is our honor to highlight a true business leader in the community, the San Gabriel Hilton Hotel! Through thoughtful management and creative thinking, the hotel remains open, with limited staff, and continue to serve the community through their To Go Menu and Essentials Menu options. Take a look at their menu below!

We will persevere TOGETHER

For more than 34 years, the San Gabriel Educational Foundation has been driven by a mission to serve the students of the San Gabriel Unified School District. Throughout these years our community driven organization has provided supplemental funding for programs that inspire learning, and promote innovation and academic excellence, in San Gabriel public schools.

During these times of uncertainty, our hearts and thoughts go out to the people all over the world who have been affected by this unprecedented health crisis. As we all come together to better understand how we can help slow the spread of COVID-19, we want to let our community know that SEF is ready and standing by to support the San Gabriel public schools with passion and integrity deserving of our students, their families, our district team and our community. 

For now we would like to thank you for sharing your smiles, your stories and your selfless acts of caring. Together we will strengthen our conditions, our resources, and our community. Together we are stronger. Together we can and will get through this!

May you all be received with continued health, peace and happiness today and everyday!

The San Gabriel Educational Foundation Board of Directors